unleash the power of senses for business managers

Be introduced to managementfriends, a consultancy that focuses beyond only cognitive strengths of executives and senior management on top on the power of human senses. We provide experiential team- and organizational leadership development beyond only cognitive stimulation. We focus on three development areas: widening one’s own leadership bandwidth, increasing transformational leadership behaviour and adapting to future skills & topics. This includes interventions like the “Your Topic-of-Interest-Vernissage”, “Leadership Evening Interventions” or our digital “Embrace-the-Future Nuggets”.

About Us

Get Ready to explore Experiential Leadership like never before with managementfriends

Hey there!  We’re not your “typical boring” consultants though, because we believe in the power of our senses to drive real change. We offer some pretty cool experiential learning services like our “Topic-of-Interest-Vernissage”, “Leadership Evening Intervention” or our digital “Embrace the Future”-Nuggets to really shake things up and get people thinking differently. So if you’re ready to take your leadership game (to widen your leadership bandwidth, to behave more transformational and to increase your ability to adapt to the new and unknown) to the next level, we’re here to make it happen in a totally unique and awesome way.
Who we are: We are creative people but proven experts in Consulting, Executive Education and Research with a senior background. We accompany leading organizations day by day in our corresponding roles. To widen our expertise and to guarantee the needed diversity we partner and collaborate in ecosystems with art curators, designers, musicians, technology guys in order to immerse our clients in a holistic, human-connected experience. Our mission: We widen leadership bandwidths of today’s managers in charge.

What Services We are Providing

What We Do

Executive Summary

Customized vernissage
We offer a customized turnkey vernissage tailored to your transformative agenda or “your topic of interest” to make your organization speak and care about. Our aim is to help you communicate your message, engage your audience with immersive experiences and transform your audience’s perspective.

Experiential intervention

Our experiential evening interventions are designed to touch people emotionally and help them rethink their leadership behaviour. We provide immersive experiences that are thought-provoking, enlightening, and inspiring.


A lot of companies have to transform to stay relevant, simultaneously there is a flood of managerial future topics and skills out there. The change process of adaptation to the next level of insights and skills is not easy for employees. We help you ignite your organization with a narrative and short insightful messages that stick. We call that “Embrace the Future”-Nuggets. Our experts work with you, based on your transformational agenda & contents, to craft a compelling story and deliver insights in relevant topics that resonate with your audience. We help you communicate your message, engage your audience, and create a lasting learning impact digitally.


Some Impressions

What We have Observed

among our Participants

The format was so well received – participants were so positively emotionally touched through their senses experience. They were way more thankful for the experience provided than usually in the business context.

Engineers gave very positively impressed feedback about our leadership intervention around the notion of innovation in the context of improvisation from the lenses of an innovator and a music composer.

At a sustainability vernissage at a farm house, especially elder managers, felt deeply their motivation and willingness to deliver results in regards to leaving a better environment for their children and grandchildren.


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