Join us for an insightful Experiential Learning Session where all your senses are at the forefront of your experience. See, hear, smell, taste some moments of your past and connect positive emotions with your leadership behaviour of the future. Not what you will do is in the forefront of anchoring, but how you want to feel again by doing then.

“Leadership Evening Intervention”: We offer your important stakeholders inspirational evening reflections where different human senses are at the forefront e.g. one format is called “Memories”. In regards to your participants: we bring their positive past to the present moment, connect that with their senses and bring an emotional positive state into their nowadays leadership aspiration. You are wondering how that could come to life? For example reflective questions around art and your desired leadership development objectives, a follow-up with a world class pianist, the memories of each individual related to specific metaphors like “grandmothers garden”, the smell and taste of a buttery bread, the positive emotions reassembled in a different mental state through music and the whole process. You still don’t understand fully? We feel you, but it works). Dare to take the next step.

Unleash the Power of Senses for Transformational Leadership

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